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Kome, Manu Nsong

  Kome, Manu Nsong

Kome Manu  who hails  from  kupemuaneguba  Division of  the South  West region of  Cameroon,was born  in 1969.His father  although a  professional teacher ,  was  also a   talented guitarist,and  his mother  is   a chorister  at the  Presbyterian church  Muyuka. When  kome Manu  showed  interest  in music  at a very tender age,he  was encouraged  by the  whole  family ,especially his father who was so happy that kome Manu had  taken after  him. While  in secondary  school,he played in a band consisting  of his  elder Brother  Sam Nsong  ,Sister Mrs  Queen Gwanmesia , Joe Pem and Politco .It  was  his  encounter with M.J Optic   ,a very accomplished vocalist and  guitarist   who actually  brought out Kome manu’s   talents  at   playing  the guitar. Kome Manu later met some very talented   musicians like Ni Felix, Musi Dave and Baby Yoms with whom he played together in some functions around the country between 1984 to 1990.

Kome Manu although a musician never left academics, while a law student in the university of  Yaounde Cameroon,he played  as  studio guitarist  in MPC 60, Douala,and   studio Mystique Djim  in Yaounde . It  was  in 1995 that Kome Manu came  out with  his  first Musical album Alonge ,( Makossa  mix) consisting of  six tracks,  which was produced by kome Manu’s unlce  Mr Kome Adolf  Sone of  blessed mermory ,it  was after  the demo  of  this album  was recorded that Kome Manu met Nganda Elie,who became  his musical manager ,whom  together with Kome Manu’s childhood friend ,Martin Etonge  a  journalist with the  BBC, did  a wonderful  job  in the  publicity and marketing of the  Alonge  album  .
 Kome Manu   plays, Makossa, Rhumba, Reggae, Calypso and many other musical genres. He has played with several  bands,such as the  zig zag de la capital,a group which consisted  of renown musicians  like Dit Combat,Lembe Delos and 1995  kome  Manu played  in the  French cultural  centre Buea Cameroon  in a series of  functions.It was  in April  1999 that Kome  Manu met  a South African Musical promoter,Jabulani  Matenje who invited  him to a  series  of  concerts in Johanesburg, South  Africa .Kome Manu was  invited  to play in the Fete Culturelle de Libreville in Gabon in September 1999,kome  later flew  to Milan Italy where he was invited to play by the Italian N.G.O  UNEDU.In the  year 2000 Jabulani advised Kome  Manu  to take  up  residence in the Republic  of South Africa  where  he  lived  as  a performing   artist until 2003. Kome  Manu  Played  at a function    in the Divine Fountain Hotel   Ikeja  Lagos Nigeria  in October 1999.He  also performed at  some  functions in Accra Ghana and  backed up renown Cameroonian  Musician  based in south Africa, Zebra Force  in two concerts in Nairobi and  Mumbassa  Kenya in 2003 .
Upon arrival  in Canada in 2006 kome  manu  joined  a Calypso group headed by Maria Hernadez ,and her husband  Andre Thorpe based  in Brampton,Ontario.In  july 2007 kome Manu was invited to play at a  wedding   in Bristol U.K. In October 2008 kome Manu played  at a function in  San Jose California USA and one week later Kome Manu  had  his  first solo performance in Canada  at the Glad stone Hotel   Toronto , as a guest  artist  in a concert  named  the spirit of Cameroon organized by the veteran  musician Njacko Backo to launch the  release of his most  recent album  .Kome Manu  is Presently working  on his  second album ,which  is being arranged  by Henry Tanash ,a professional   Camerooonian musician based in Washington D.C USA. It is interesting to know that Kome Manu also writes poetry, kome Manu recently played as a rhythm guitarist for Fojeba at the Afrofest Toronto 2009.

  Kome, Manu Nsong
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  Kome, Manu Nsong
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